Introduction to Pulsed Electric Magnetic Frequency (PEMF)

The science behind PEMF is a well-studied methodology that’s been around for over a hundred years. Imagine your cells as batteries — daily stressors slowly drain them of the energy they need to function optimally. By the end of the day, your body, mind, and soul may feel completely depleted. That’s where PEMF technology comes in!  PEMF generates energy at the cellular level without medically invasive procedures. This amplification of natural energy encourages the body to function more effectively for overall wellness.  By stimulating and exercising the cell, PEMF addresses dysfunction where it starts (at the cellular level).  Users often report feeling relaxed during a PEMF session and energized afterwards!

How it works

Pulsed electromagnetic fields produced by the device induce electrical current inside the body that helps to restore the blocked ion flow and stimulates the body’s own regeneration processes. As a result of using the mattress the body attains a higher energy level; the fatigue is alleviated, helping to achieve improved overall well-being of the whole body.

The pulsing magnetic field promotes the body’s own regeneration processes and helps;

  • to maximize mental clarity, focus and productivity
  • to increase energy and vitality
  • to aid relaxation
  • to sleep better
  • to decrease pain
  • to decrease inflammation

Incorporating Energy Medicine in Your Chiropractic Practice Through Pulsed Electromagnetic (Pemf) Therapy