Is your Brain healthy?

Your brain is the control center of everything that happens in your body.  In this day and age of Super Stress and a diet that causes chronic inflammation, your brain may be struggling to adapt.  The result can include fatigue, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, digestive stress, pain and immune system weakness.



BrainTap is one of the innovative tools we use at Hidden Health Chiropractic to help our patients regain control of their health without the harmful side effects of drugs.



Braintapping is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere.

Braintapping, backed by neuroscience and research, is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.


Braintapping creates a symphony of brainwave activity, a feeling of calm focus that’s just right for learning and productivity. Each session is designed with brainwave balance in mind.

Unlike meditation programs, BrainTap’s exclusive neuro-algorithms gently and naturally guide your brain through a broad range of brainwave patterns, instead of just the Alpha state. The result is a complete spectrum of brainwave activity.