Help! I put my back out, what now?

Earlier this week I was dealing with our icy sidewalk. I put down the ice melt, chopped up the ice, and proceeded to shovel the ice. Mid shovel I felt a felt a horrible, nauseatingly familiar feeling, my back went out!! I hobbled back into the house and proceeded with my routine of self care.

I decided to use my time of misery to share with you how to deal with this crisis yourself.

  • Don’t panic!
  • Grab an ice pack, wrap it in a small towel and put it on your back for 10 minutes. Do not use heat, as it will only make the problem worse. Remember,” ice is nice, hot is not”.
  • Do some gentle stretches, single knee to chest, knee to the opposite shoulder, and double knee to chest. I will do a follow-up blog post with pictures of these stretches.
  • Put your ice pack back on your back.
  • Repeat the steps above.
  • Call your chiropractor and get adjusted ASAP!
  • Avoid all activities that involve bending, lifting, and twisting (the BLT).

An acute episode of low back pain does take time to resolve. By following the steps above you can potentially decrease your time of misery.

If you have any questions, please let me know!